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Michael "Air" Jordan! The Best!!!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!
Raymond Joseph David : If Lonzo Ball will make a history in a dunk contest, it will be christened "AIR BALL."
Jxkz : Jordan looks like a super hero flying
Trumps rump : Brian Scalabrine can dunk from the 3pt line.
Bognostrokulum bognostrokul : very good
faldo88 : Aiiii
John Noredline :
xperte85 : His Aairness MJ
BeamishLotus726 : MJ will always be the best Basketball player in history, and it’s almost impossible so match him.
You see what i did there : 12 years old youtube video.. i feel old
Dhonnha Salvador : MJ is the king of NBA history

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

Want to learn how to dunk like MJ ? Take the course below :

Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!

Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend.
It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 .

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays
m2e1iriko : The first song is Mark Willott - Champagne bath
The last song is Mark Willot - Chess

i dont have the names of the middle songs, i mixed couple songs that i found .
UDIED8 : Pippen is underated without him the bulls are crap.
rammy omero : the Legendary "Air" always be may greatest player ever...
Alkevin Silvestre : Not to be disrespectful but he kinda looked like slenderman
Black White : Jordan必须有排面啊!
TaTsu Duck : Michael Jordan also known as the black Alex Caruso, such a great player
Sarah C : My mom came in asking why I’ve been kneeling in front of my laptop for the past15mins
latonya brown : Who y'all think better Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan
Krost Animes : Futebol é melhor
Max Jordan : I

1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins

The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest final between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins
Leopold Schendel : Which shoes did he wore?
GUCCI_ M3ME : Love the music for some reason
Luis Ramos : That free throw dunk should be the nba logo. Amazing.
Varu 1985 : there will never be one like him
We Love Tik Tok :

Thomas Panyi : “Lebron this is why you have to...” shut the fuck up.
AJONE liu : There are thousands of AJ sneakers and the there is only AJ domain name in the world, AJONE.COM This domain name is for
Pinnacle : Air Jordan!
Abhilekha Mantri : Ganna beda




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